Hybrid Machine

After more than 2 years research, the HYTENDER team has managed to develop a completely new approach to hybrid technology in the drive line. This new approach leads to a drive line that will allow the tender to operate fully electrically for up to 3 hours, and in addition to that, the electric motor also support the main engine while accelerating, reducing emissions along the way in this range by more than 30 percent.

High End Components

We only work with high end components and thus so established collaboration with top suppliers including. The electric motors are built specifically for the tender and are fully integrated into the ace line. The high-tech lithium ion battery pack is built as a module and is fully service free.

Unique Combination

The batteries are recharged during the combined use of the engines. Making it possible for you to leave the ship or port emission free.

Zero Emission

With it’s zero emission possibility, the HYTENDER package is completely prepared for the future. You are therefore always welcome in all the environmental zones in the smaller ports.

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