Ribbon R28HY Monza

We can proudly say that our Ribbon R28HY Monza is ready to conquer the yachting world. All pieces have fallen together and enormous steps have been taken in recent years. Of course, Hytender continues to develop every day, but with our current model we already have a significant lead in the market.

Attracting attention

Every detail has been thought through down to the last detail so that our Hytender will attract everyone’s attention, and I think that has been quite successful already. We had a lot of attention at the jetty at Hotel de l’Europe in Amsterdam in June, and the Hytender certainly stood out during our trial runs and shooting days.

Exciting developments

The developments are now so extensive that we are currently working on our own production hall in Dodewaard. This allows us to guarantee that every Hytender that comes into circulation is an original, handmade product. And we are proud of that!